(Always contact me prior to shipping your bows)

To ship the bows, we recommend the following:

  • Use FedEx whenever possible (after many years we’ve found that UPS and USPS are less reliable)
  • Get a PVC tube that is 2 inches in diameter and cut it to 33 inches in length (Home Depot will do that for free)
  • If you can find caps (yellow or white) to secure the ends then that’s great; otherwise tape does the trick. The caps are sometimes hard to find
  • Wrap the bow(s) in 3/16 bubble wrap leaving extra hanging off the ends; rubber band each end


  • Place the bow(s) in the tube. The bow should be snug but not tight/forced. The objective is for there to be no significant rattling when the box is shaken.


  • Place the tube in a box for shipping; stuff some packing material (newspaper, etc.) into the ends to keep the tube from rattling. You can also wrap the top and bottom of the tube in bubble wrap as seen in the above picture